• HOP Ammo

    Located in Central Ohio, House of Payne Munitions strives to create the highest quality ammunition possible. Our team of Skilled Veterans tumble polish, hand gauge and white glove package each and every round that comes out of our facility. We offer a wide variety of calibers designed specifically for various shooting activities.

  • Our Mission

    Founded in 2020, House of Payne Munitions was built upon the mission to create the best ammunition possible while serving the communities combat veterans with stable employment and housing if needed.

HOP Munitions Polymer Coated Ammo

Polymer Coated 9mm - 147gr Blue Poly - 50 Rounds
Polymer Coated 40 S&W - 180gr Blue Poly - 50 Rounds
Polymer Coated 45 Long Colt - 250gr Blue Poly - 20 Rounds

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