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Explore our selection of .308 Winchester ammunition, where precision meets performance for hunters and tactical shooters. Our 168gr HPBT rounds guarantee unparalleled long-range accuracy, offering consistent trajectories and reduced drag, propelled at 2,600 FPS with an energy of 2,522 ft/lbs.

For those shooting suppressed, our 190gr Subsonic HPBT ammunition delivers exceptional performance without sacrificing effectiveness, maintaining tight sub-MOA groups, a velocity of 1,030 FPS, and 448 ft/lbs of energy. Known for its adaptability across diverse game and environments, Our ammo promises humane kills and deep penetration.

At HOP Munitions, we pride ourselves on precision engineering and quality, ensuring that each round meets the rigorous standards required by experienced hunters and shooters. Choose HOP Munitions for your .308 ammo needs and experience the difference that high-quality, performance-driven ammunition can make.