Best 350 Legend Ammo For Deer Hunting

Best 350 Legend Ammo For Deer Hunting

To date, 350 Legend is the world’s fastest production straight-walled hunting cartridge. 

It can deliver enough energy to produce lethal effects on a large deer at an effective range of 250 yards — which is astounding. It’s an ideal choice for areas with ammo restrictions.

With an effective range of 200 yards, the 350 Legend is perfect for mid-west states such as Ohio, where due to more dense woodland areas, we won’t be taking shots past the effective range anyway. 

The energy 350 Legend produces makes it a great cartridge to keep your property free from predators.

What Makes The 350 Legend So Great For Deer Hunting

The 350 Legend has gained popularity as a deer hunting round due to several key factors:

Power and Versatility

The 350 Legend delivers a significant amount of energy, making it highly effective for deer hunting. 

It generates a muzzle energy of around 1,800 to 2,000 foot-pounds, which is sufficient to take down deer reliably. The round’s power ensures ethical and humane kills.

Straight-wall Cartridge Design

The 350 Legend features a straight-wall cartridge design, which offers several advantages for deer hunting. 

Many states in the United States have regulations that limit hunters to using straight-wall cartridges, and the 350 Legend meets these requirements. 

This has made it a popular choice among hunters in regions where such regulations exist.

Recoil and Shootability

The 350 Legend has relatively mild recoil compared to some larger hunting cartridges. This makes it more comfortable and manageable for a wider range of shooters, including those who may be more sensitive to recoil or less experienced with high-recoil firearms.

Many hunters also find the recoil of the 350 Legend akin to that of the .30-30, and while it may not be as fast as the .243, most shooters perceive its recoil to be even lighter than the renowned .243 round. 

This is one of the primary reasons why the 350 Legend has become the preferred choice for those selecting a rifle for a youth hunter.

Ammunition Availability

The availability of ammunition is an important consideration for any hunting round. 

The 350 Legend has gained widespread acceptance, and as a result, there is a good selection of ammunition options available from various manufacturers. 

This availability ensures that hunters can easily find suitable ammunition for their needs.

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Cost and Affordability

The 350 Legend offers a cost-effective option for deer hunting. 

Compared to some other popular hunting rounds, the ammunition for the 350 Legend is generally more affordable, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious hunters who still want reliable performance.

With that said, let’s dig into the best 350 Legend ammo for deer hunting.

Best 350 Legend Ammo For Deer Hunting

The performance of the 350 Legend has demonstrated its exceptional ability to swiftly take down whitetails and mule deer in various hunting situations. 

Moreover, it serves as an effective round for hunting mid-sized big game such as pronghorn antelope.

The 350 Legend offers considerable versatility for Midwestern hunters. Now, let’s explore a few ammunition options that you might find worth considering.

150 Grain T-REX

We are excited to inform you about the inclusion of the 350 Legend 150-grain Tipped Copper ammunition in our product lineup.

best 350 legend ammo for deer hunting

After rigorous testing and improvements by our team, we are delighted to present it as an alternative to our popular 350 Legend 170gr. Soft Point cartridge.

With a velocity of 2,250 feet-per-second and an energy transfer of 1,687 foot-pounds, the Tipped Copper Projectile has a larger impact diameter than the average, which leads to increased impact trauma, larger wound cavities, and faster knockdowns.

170 Grain SoftPoint

The HOP Munitions 350 Legend 170 grain SP hunting ammunition is a remarkable centerfire cartridge specifically engineered for exceptional hunting performance.

best 350 legend ammo for deer hunting

Featuring meticulously selected clean-burning powders and high-quality soft-point bullets, this ammunition is encased in premium brass casings. It delivers outstanding ballistic capabilities, making it the ideal choice for successfully harvesting the largest trophy bucks.

The bullet design incorporates a dependable soft-point tip, guaranteeing controlled expansion upon impact. This results in devastating effectiveness, ensuring the highest level of lethality when targeting robust trophy bucks.

250 Grain SUB-X

The HOP Munitions subsonic 350 Legend 250gr Sub-X ammo is designed specifically for suppressed hunting rifles, ensuring optimal performance. 

best 350 legend ammo for deer hunting

This centerfire rifle load delivers outstanding accuracy while generating minimal noise, making it ideal for hunters. Moreover, it is priced affordably without compromising on quality. 

The ammunition features clean-burning powders and premium components, housed in high-quality brass casings. This ensures reliable ignition, consistent flight paths, and seamless operation in various hunting scenarios.

350 Legend FAQ

What is the best grain bullet for 350 Legend for deer?

Generally, a bullet weight ranging from 150 to 180 grains is often recommended for deer hunting with the 350 Legend. These bullet weights provide sufficient energy transfer and penetration to effectively take down deer while maintaining manageable recoil.

How far is 350 Legend good for deer?

The 350 Legend is considered effective for deer hunting out to distances of around 200 to 250 yards. Beyond that range, bullet drop and reduced energy may affect the bullet’s performance and terminal ballistics, potentially impacting its effectiveness for cleanly harvesting deer.

Is 145 grain 350 Legend good for deer hunting?

The 145 grain 350 Legend bullet can be suitable for deer hunting depending on several factors. While it is generally recommended to use bullets within the 150-180 grain range for deer hunting with the 350 Legend, the 145 grain bullet can still provide adequate performance in the hands of an experienced hunter.


Selecting the right ammunition is crucial for successful and ethical deer hunting. 

Throughout this article, we have explored the best 350 Legend ammo options that offer the ideal combination of power, accuracy, and terminal performance. 

Whether you prioritize expansion, penetration, or a balance between the two, HOP Munitions has a solution for you.

As you prepare for your next deer hunting season, consider the information presented here and make an informed decision when selecting your ammunition. 

Take into account factors such as bullet design, energy transfer, and terminal performance, keeping in mind the specific hunting conditions and your personal preferences.

Happy hunting!

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